Why you shouldn't play PUBG on emulator anymore

Why you shouldn't play PUBG on emulator anymore

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds mobile version is download 2 million times in 2019 July itself. So One can understand the popularity game has gain so far. Tencent Mobile International Limited earned huge money from that project. 
When PUBG released on February 9th 2018, it comes with an unique playing style. It attract many mobile gamer throughout the globe. As the control was little tricky, some players started paying it using Keyboard and Mouse. Through emulator, to get some extra edge over who are paying it on mobile. Control of pubg mobile is tough, and need some time to become friendly with that, so they chose rather easy path to get the chicken dinner.

Four Reasons you shouldn't play PUBG on emulator on your computer in 2019

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Reasons you shouldn't play PUBG on emulator on your computer in 2019

No 1 - PUBG Lite on Pc is released and it is light on your system too. That means minimum lag, Notwork issues etc. Most popular PUBG Emulator is Tencent Gaming Buddy which is now Gameloop. But as it is an android emulator, and run on your operating system it eats up huge resources of your computer.  

No 2 -  Mobile version of this game is made for the mobile player and if you are playing it attaching keyboard and mouse, you are taking an unfair advantage. And it itself an cheating.

No 3 - Ask those who played Pubg mobile in squad with random players, who may get a baby crying in the background or even sometime you might here his or her personal conversation. Some even dont bother to open their mic. I mean to say most you might get a real player or serious player more often.

No 4 - PC players like to play games mostly in FPS mode or FPP Mode, But i\if you Start the FPP mode in PUBG Mobile you have to wait for long periods of time for your game to start. 

Still its a kind of personal choices. I accept the fact that PUBG Lite PC version of that game is kind of different from mobile buddies. As in PC Version of the game you had to pick your ammo gun no auto picking up. But when you start used to with that you really gonna enjoy that thing.