Five Easy steps to save money in our daily life

There are some basic ideas which are valuable for money saving if applied.
1*  When we are shopping food items, grocery, and stationery for home, if we can buy it from a wholesaler or from distributor the price will be less from the local stores.
2*  When we are going out we can eat Street Food without going to a restaurant or big shop. It is not true that all street foods are un-hygienic. Even in big shops we often find low-quality items. There are many street food sellers who are very neat and clean in their work, so if we go there our money will save to some extent.
3* Price of food items near movie theaters or multiplexes are always high, when we are going for the movie it is not necessary to buy food from the counter of the mall we can also buy it from outside shop, in this way we can save our money.
steps to save money Image Credit SXC
4* Should try to pay utility bills, Emi, Installments or credit card dues at a time to avoid extra charges.
5* Try to buy edibles (Fruits, vegetables, Meats, Fishes) from local market without going to departmental stores as in local market we can get better deals, fresh quality with good quantity from those departmental stores.
If we have both car and bike it will be better to use the bike more often, it will save our money as petrol prices are becoming high in these days.
So here is, the five main money saving ideas, if we just change our lifestyle a bit, it will be valuable for us and end of the month we will get extra money in our pocket.
Remember that all money you save is your income.