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Small Business Idea with very Small Investment

If you are interested in cloth designing you can run your own boutique shop from home. If you are applying this business idea you can also do it with other works. You don’t need to give whole time for it. If you are a house wife you can easily do it with managing home and will get a good benefit from this business.

Initial Investment

The initial investments for this business is require only INR 5000 to INR 10000 or within 200 Dollar.

Skill you need

Basic Knowledge about color, fabric, latest design, latest fashion trends and most importantly basic Marketing Skills. You can do it from today, but you have to update yourself with unique design. You must have the potentiality of thinking of various designs, colors and materials must have the idea of colors that which color is going with which one because good color combination is very important to attract a customer. The duty of a fashion designer is to give new ideas of fashion always but with that you must keep in mind about the consciousness of your locality that they are mostly dealing with what kind of garments this is also very important.

Business Plan

Search a good tailor who can understand your design easily and can show his expertise in cutting and stitching and make dress according to your design. If your investment is small then don’t need to buy a machine you can do it by others at their place of business, which will be able to make your dresses perfectly. I think it is the best idea without such headache of place or machine because if you buy machine you will have to give some extra money for it and will have to face problems related to it. Your work is to give a fabulous design and look after their work as much as possible.

If you want, you can also do it at home by buying machine and appointing a tailor at home. But if you want to do it freely 1st one is good for starting this business easily and quickly.

If you are prepared for all this things you can do it now. Go to market and buy materials for cloths, laiches, flowers and attractive things to make your design beautiful.
 Small Business Idea
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For Sale

If you wish you can take a shop by rent but in starting if you don’t want this you can easily make a place in your home for that business. Tell your neighbor; tell your friends about your business and you will surely get success if your design and finishing is good.

Money is necessary for every business but u must have a strong will to do something. Don’t underestimate your quality, think that in which field you are good and jump over it with confidence. Starting is not easy for any business but u should know to hold it tightly success will be yours.

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