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Identify fonts from any image

How to Identify the exact font from image or picture ?

Are you a blogger, writer, designer or in Publishing business, Every one need to deals with font each and every day. And its a tough job to identify each one, as so many fonts are there and remembering each and every one is not possible

Some time we can not the say the exact font just by seeing it especially when inside an image. And if you are need to design something you need that font. 

I think I have a perfect solution for your Problem .

You can try  What The Font  tool. It is very easy as you go to the website, upload the image from your device or post the link, than system will show you some font similar too this, if you are still get your desire result , this site will take you to their community page or forum, where you post the image and feedback will soon be yours. If you want to know about fonts used in any from any blog or webpage, you can

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