11 easy way to save battery of android device

Battery is the life of any electronic portable device whether it is smartphone or any multimedia device. When we are travelling, realise the importance of it. It’s not possible to hook up your phone in power source when you are travelling. There are some basic way by which you can save your battery of your android device.


11 ways to save battery life of android device
    • Reducing the screen brightness level

    • Setting the screen timeout to 15 to 30 seconds

    • Setting the key backlight duration.

    • If your android device support power saving option don’t hesitate to turn it on.

    • Turn off WIFI, Bluetooth, if you are not using it

    • Switching off your GPS could save a lot off battery life.

    • Synchronizing facility could also be stop to enhance your battery life.

    • Turn off vibration mode

    • Accessing mobile data, especially 3G need larger amount of power, you can turn this off if you need to preserve power for a longer amount of time.

    • Background process or application requires CPU uses as need battery so use any task manager apps and clear those unwanted process.

    • Widgets and live wallpapers could also be stopped to save cpu uses and obviously your battery.

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