How we can save our relationship

Relationship is like a tree, it needs a little water to make it fresh. But now a day the meaning of relationships has lost its depthness as it was earlier. People have become too much materialistic and self-centered, which leads to crack in relationship. But it could be saved if we think about little thing to make it healthy.


Time is the big factor which breaks relationship as nobody has time today to spend with partner. Everybody is busy to fulfill high desires. It makes a gap day by day in relationship. So we need to spend some time with our partner.


How we can save our relationship? Adjustment is another problem of today. As people has become too much self-centred, fails to do adjustment with his or her partner. But for a good relation we have to make some adjustments because every person is different. Today nobody wants to do compromise; this is another reason for breaking. Egoistic nature of persons is responsible for that. We should remember that our life is related to other person and we should look after the likes and dislikes of our partners.


We should respect our relationships and our partner. Love without respect is meaningless, but today the word respect also decreasing its value so we must give care to it.


Too much desire for life is also responsible for breaking relationships. To fulfill high desire people are becoming machines and forgetting about values of relationship. But a time comes in everyone’s life when we feel lonely so we must conscious for our future life.

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