Eleven ways to make your wife happy

Everyone wants a happy married life, a good understanding and a good healthy relationship is a very important between husband and wife. Here are some ideas that how a husband can make his wife happy.
1*   While talking to your wife you must keep low volume and pleasant words, as no one likes shouting.
2*  You should say that you are always with her, whatever the situation is. You are the main pillar of her life so you must give confidence to her in all situations.
3*  Listen her peacefully and try to understand, what she is saying and why. May be you sometime feel boring on her subjects, but remember that you are her soul mate, so if you can’t understand her than the word soul mate would have no meaning.
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4*  You should praise her for her good quality. Without keeping it in your mind you should say her in front of other family members. It will make her happy and she will feel proud just for your few words in favor of her.
5*  In spite of your busy schedule you must spend time with your wife alone, because relationship need time to make it happy. Without sitting at home when you are free try to go out for refreshment.
6*  When your wife comes from shopping you must show interest in it, you should say her to show her dress or jewelry, it will also make her happy when she will see that you look after everything she likes
7*  When you and your wife are watching TV together, don’t try to lead over TV channels alone, ask her what she likes to see.
8*  Don’t criticize her likings as every person is different, without laughing on her interest, give her time to spend with her likings.
9* Don’t underestimate her as she is a woman. She is your better half so share everything with her and try to take every decision together.
10*  If she does any mistake doesn’t shout on her in front of all family members. Try to say her in your bed room when nobody is listening your words, in this way you will show respect to her.
11*  Try to realize her that she is an important person in your life, without her you are incomplete as body without soul. Say I love you often because wife really likes these valuable words.

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