Calculate your productivity and the art time management

Now a day’s 90 percents of people are busy doing their works. Nobody is free for anything, everyone is complaining that he or she don’t have time, not even for them or family members. But does life become so busy really?
All the works we do throughout the whole day and night. but is it all are productive? We always thing after each day of work that we have done so much today and now I can do something to pamper myself. But do we ever check whether these works are productive or not?
Calculate Productivity and utilize time Image Credit SXC

Best way to check your productivity

I am sharing with you a very easy method to check your productivity on a daily basis. And yes you don’t have to download any apps or install any software. A pen and paper can do this easily.
Every night before going to sleep write your full day activity on a paper in a sequence. Here is an example.
Morning 9:30 am to 10:30 am I was with ……….
Morning 10:30 am to 11:00 am I was doing……….
(Fill this up with your activity)

And make sure you write it in a blue or black pan. After writing all the activity check which one was important and which one was unnecessary waste of time. Circle all unnecessary time wasting activity with red color ink. Then you can find the time you wasted throughout the day or time you really worked.
This technique can Increase productivity and you gain an ample control over your time. As you start to make it your habit waste of time will skip automatically. It further helps you to prepare your next day plan.