Adsense and Blogger Guide for Beginners.

1st Yes Google account, that’s what you needed, if you want to earn money through adsense. As adsense is a part of Google.

2nd Create a Blog, you can choose from any blogging platform like Wordpress, Typepad, Blogger. If you are techie than go for wordpress it is widely customizable, but if you are rookie, stay with blogger as it is easy to maintain, cheap, and compare to wordpress or other cms very easy to design. And as adsense is a part of Google why not stay with their parts, as you can have some SEO advantage here in blogger as new blogger have some advantage.

3rd Create Blog Posts, once you have your blog ready you need some posts that means some articles. Don’t stay way after reading this point, as you don’t have to be a pro journalist to write something for your blog. Take a topic, what you comfortable at; it could be about your camera, photography, music, and cinema. That means chose a topic on your interest and start writing about them. Just try to stay on the topic.

Adsense Step by step Guide for Beginer

4th when you have some topics ready for your blog, you need to have some backlink, as Google like back links, how to get a better backlink we will talk about it later.It can also help you in your blog seo.

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5th if you have near hundred posts in your blog it is a better time to apply for Google adsense.

6th if you are lucky enough to get you offer accepted my adsense team, you will greeted by an email that your adsense account is ready. When your adsense account is ready you could star post some adds in your newly created blog.

7th Now you want to know who are the audience of you blog. Where from the come, what they love to read. That thing will served by Google Analytic  An ultimate free website or blog traffic calculator. So Add Google Analytics, you may or may not like Google analytic as some persons say it cut down blog speeds, sometime you may get traffic ideas from blogger inbuilt status button. And there are lot of other paid and free substitutes available in market.

8th sign up for Google webmaster tool and try to find out the loopholes of your blog, blog url etc.

9th If everything goes in right direction, there is a reward in a shape of your 1st paycheque from adsense will wait for you.

10th Always remember don’t expect any magic as magic doesn't happen in real life. So you need handwork a proper knowledge to get a cheque from Google. Always remember one golden rule, Good content = Good Traffic, and there is no other shortcuts.

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