How SEO can Benefit your Blog

SEO and Blogging

Internet are flooded by articles day by day, each and every day throughout the world some professionals and amateur content writers are writing their articles and published them on web. Armature content writers are basically indulged by the flourish advertisement post by online advertisement companies like “Adsense”, “Adbrite”, “Infolinks” etc. And everyone wants traffic in their blog or websites. But where is the traffic! That’s why you need SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple word it is just like a bigger concept of Windows 7  indexing.  It is a technique through which web designer or content writer index your blog in Search engine.

SEO in Blogger, SEO Blogger
SEO Blogger

SEO Example

If you open “” and search it with any keyword like MP3 then you will get a website contain mp3, but do you ever noticed some lines something like (About 6,330,000,000 results and 0.19 seconds) that means that Google find out mp3 keywords in 6,330,000,000 websites or blog in 0.19 sec.

What does it Means?

Well if so if you are in blogging with keyword like MP3 than it means you have these no of blog or websites as your competitor. People generally visit the first twenty search result provided by any search engine. So every blogger wants to be in first ten or twenty results.