AQUARIUS : Astrology Prediction about Love Life

Aquarius Love Life | Astrology Prediction

Acquarius: Astrology Prediction about Love Life

Born Under January 20th  to February 18th

Aquarius are independent and very intellectual. They don’t like to keep themselves too long They never like to attach themselves to anything for too long, and are really good in to something. One can rely on them on any difficult situation they can help people a lot. They have very strong character and strong principles in life. They are very idealistic. They are very confident about themselves. Their weakness is their bad temper.

They are very straight to their decision no body can change it. They are full of honesty and firmness, but they don’t like to make too much friends, keep distance from them, only have few good friends. They like to do works which involves helping others. They can become good leaders because of their strong ideals ant powerful minds. Their logical and practical thinking gives them strength to make difficult decisions and accept responsibility without much trouble.

How to impress Aquarius?

  • · Must be unique
  • · You must listen to him
  • · Must have philosophical knowledge

Never do to Aquarius:

  • · Don’t be close minded
  • · Don’t say much when they are telling something

Love nature:

  • · Fun loving
  • · Not jealous for loved one
  • · Some persons like serious relation some just do for fun
  • · Very caring to loved one
  • · They are good flirts

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