Taurus: Astrology Prediction about Love Life

Taurus: Astrology Prediction about Love Life

Born in between April 21st to May 20th 

Taurus person has a consistency in love have more patience and capable of tremendous devotion. They are generally practical and have materialistic outlook on life. Taurus person can work long and persistently, however if there are no such goals Bull can be extremely lazy and get too involved enjoying life, forgetting about everything else. 

Bull’s wants are simple and easy to carry out. Taurus person has a strong wish for security, stability, and peace, and hates unexpected changes. They are not very serious emotionally; however they do like to get touchy. Taurus individuals also often make an excellent parent. 

Taurus is also known for extreme stubbornness. They also tend to always insist upon realism and often lack the ability to open up their mind to new ideas

Things to seduce Taurus
  • good quality and expensive food
  • Be reliable and maybe a little touchy
  • Be truthful and hide no secrets
U should not do the things to Taurus
  • drive them to do something
  • Be disgusting
  • Be too fickle or crazy
 Love nature of Taurus
  • Possessiveness and loyal
  • Like to be pampered
  • Caring
  • Loyal and prefer serious relationship

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