Scorpio: Astrology Prediction about Love Life

Scorpio born in between October 23 and November 21

They usually try to hide their feelings inside. They are very reserve persons. From the outside they are very strong but in inside they carry a very deep emotional feeling. They are best lovers and can do passionate relationships. They are very loyal, independent and strong. They can’t compromise with anything easily and they are also very possessive for their loved one.

They are extremely tough. Many of them are attracted to the mystical, spiritual and dark side of life, and are not afraid of investigating it. They are loyal, passionate emotional and fearless but they don’t like they are very ambitious. Their strong will power and ability can bring success in their life They to show their real nature to others if one can go too much closer and can win their trust then only they will show it.

Scorpio Astrology Prediction about Love Life

How to impress Scorpio?

1. You must be mysterious.
2. You must be confident and must have strong ability to go in deep conversation.
3. Must be passionate.

Never do to Scorpio:

1. Don’t be too cheap or easy to get.
2. No seriousness.
3. Don’t be a wimp.

Scorpio Love nature:

1. Very passionate and romantic.
2. Very possessive.
3. Very emotional but will never show it.
4. Very loyal, want to dominate.

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