Pises: Astrology Prediction about Love Life


Pises: Astrology Prediction about Love Life
Born in between February 19th to March 20th

They are very sensitive and caring.  They will keep their friends and family before themselves. They are very selfless person. Pisces are blessed with rich imagination and creativity. They think from their heart always. They are emotional and have a good intuition; they can understand people much better than others.

They are quite immature and unstable with opinions .They are easy going and can adjust with any environment. They are very emotional but don’t like to show it. They like to keep a mystery around themselves.

Pisces are usually very artistic. Mostly they like to work alone rather than in a team, because this way they can do the work in their own creative way. They are not too ambitious and do not care about being at the top. All they want is some recognition and acceptance. They are very sympathetic and easygoing people, they are quite dreamy and not very practical. They are very loyal and their love is limitless. 

How to impress Pisces?

1. You must have a big dream and don’t forget to share it with them
2. You must be sensitive to others, must know when to be strong and bold
You should not do to Pisces are:

1. Don't be selfish
2. Be cold and emotional disabled

Love nature

1. They are very romantic, too much caring person
2. Very sensitive about love,and very loyal
3. Very serious about love and prefer serious relationship but they live in a dream land so want     to fulfill dreams by their love one

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