Leo: Astrology Prediction about Love Life


Leo: Astrology Prediction about Love Life
Born in between 22 July –  22 August 

Leos are very proud creature. They love concentration and praise of others.They want recognition. Leos have extremely strong personality and are very independent,for that they can b good leaders. A Lion never wants to be gone in the background, always wants to stay in main point and like be appreciated by others.

kindness and warm heartedness are some of Leo’s best features., Leos are habitually very responsible and protective. They generally try to provide best to their loved ones, however in return they wait for love and loyalty. Leos have dominating nature and also have over-proud nature,which will stop them from seeing things as they are and stubbornly insist on their own point of view. They always want respect and care from others.

Leos are usually quite materialistic. They like to live a famous life and want to spend a lot. They can be quite hard working, but they must see the benefits out of such hard works. Most Leos have extremely big dreams, however those dreams are nothing unless there is someone who will appreciate it.From the outside they are very strong and self confident but on the inside they very much depend on affirmation, love and recognition of others. Leos think that may the world revolves round them.

Things can seduce Leos

·    You must be fun loving and entertaining
·    Must be caring and give time to them
·    Be loyal and respectful

Things you will never do to Leos:

·    Don’t break trust
·    Showing less confidence
·    Never criticize them

Love nature of Leos

·    They are very loyal but possessive and very jelous,protective over their loved one
·    Dominating nature
·    Very caring and do true love
·    Knows everything to impress love one
·    They are not available
·    Passionate love

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