Cancer: Astrology Prediction about love life

Cancer Born Between June 21 - July 22

Cancer Astrology Prediction about love life
Cancer individuals are very sentimental and emotional. They think from heart not from brain. They have strong sense of attachment to their dear persons. They are very serious about relationships. They give extreme importance to their family and friends.They are very loving persons.They have tendency to do everything for their loved ones and in return they don’t want much,just want love and loyalty.They are good parents.The bad thing about them is that sometimes they become too much moody which turns into depression.

They are not materialistic,they consider love family friends more than money.They don't like to make so much friends, they have only some good friends,because they goes for quality not quantity.

How to impress cancer?
  •  You must be romantic and sensitive
  •  You should know to pamper them and allow them also to pamper you, and also be a good listener
Never show to cancer:
  • Point out their defects
  • Be shallow
  • Talking bad about others
Cancer Love nature:
  • · Romantic
  • · Passion for love
  • · Like only serious love
  • · Do care for love one
  • · loyal and possessive
  • · emotional

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