Sagittarius: Astrology Prediction about Love Life

Sagittarius: Astrology Prediction about Love Life
Sagittarius Born in between November 22 and December 21

They are very energetic persons and restless in their nature. They love freedom and like to do new adventures. They are very optimistic and always look for brighter part of every situation. They are very cheerful and always keep smile in their face. They are very fun loving and can make friend easily. They can easily forgive a person whatever the crime he has done. They like to do new things in their life don’t like to repeat the same again and again, so they are also inconsistent regarding any work.

Optimism is one of their strength but over optimism sometimes turn into weakness this is not good about their nature, because sometime they take something more serious than life also. Due to their over optimism they often fails to see their faults and avoid peoples related to them it gives them unnecessary trouble in life. They are very ambitious persons and have good imagination which can help them to create new ideas to get relief from problem. They are trustful. They have some strong ideals of their own and stand for their belief. In job also they like changes don’t want to do same works.

How to attract Sagittarius

1. You must like fun and adventure
2. You should encourage their hopes and dream
3. Always be positive and must be a good thinker
4. Must be generous

Never do these things to Sagittarius:

1. Don’t be pessimistic
2. Don’t show lack enthusiasm
3. Don’t be emotionally weak they don’t like it

Love nature of them:

1. They are adventurous in love also and very energetic
2. They are not so possessive
3. They have no jealousy
4. They go in relation for love and fun, they generally not prefer deep relation but if they go for serious love they are faithful
5. They want space because they are very independent type
6. They are serious flirts

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