Travel Destinationin in India | Rishikonda Beach

Rishikonda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Andhra Pradesh. The natural beauty of the beach attracts all tourists. Rishikonda Beach is a perfect Travel destination for those who like to see hill with beach, it’s a wonderful place to make weekend memorable with nice colors of waves and golden sands of shore.
Travel Destinationin in India  Rishikonda Beach Photo Credit SXC
  This beach is more suitable for those who enjoy water sports. It’s also a nice place for sea food lovers and famous for various street foods near beach. The evening of Hrishikonda beach is nice time to enjoy.
It is situated about 8 km away from the Vishakhapatnam city (Andhra Pradesh). Private vehicles are available from Vizak (Vishakhapatnam) Rail Station.

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